What news in Mega Man 11?

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You will hardly find any resemblance between NES of Mega Man-like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. and its latest version, Mega Man 11. It seems that everything is a modern way with attractive tools or actions such as shooting, jumping, or fighting bosses with depth.

Another difference you may notice is the NES Controller with two buttons. If you notice, you will see that in Mega Man 1-6, these buttons will provide maximum support in Jump and shooting games. And in Mega Man 11, it seems that this controller has more pins (the Double Gear system still uses two buttons – left and right) – to create more new elements for each essential and special function of Mega Man. Thanks to this change, the Double Gear system became a significant change with the design of the levels of Mega Man 11.

The bosses are also worth saying.

Designing bosses in the traditional Mega Man is another push compared to Power Gear. These super bosses are often difficult to defeat by using a certain number of weapons. Therefore, it is difficult to strengthen weapons to kill them without increasing the damage of weapons smoothly. Sometimes trying to upgrade your Nerf gun to Super Soaker will not help much in destroying these bosses. However, you can try to amplify Tundra Man’s T. Storm to kill all enemies on the screen like Infinite Gauntlet.

If you have mastered the gameplay of the old Meghan games, you may find that the variety of weapons does not help much in destroying bosses if you want to try something new, experience Bounce Man’s B. Ball, a versatile weapon to easily target enemies.

New designs increase the playing experience.

A game that has been sought after by many people, there are many versions like fireboy and watergirl 2. Have you ever played it? If you’ve never played it, give it a try.

When experiencing Megan, one thing we definitely should not ignore is the robots. In this game, you will have the opportunity to admire many new types of robots with unique designs. Besides, you can also see the kind of giant skull pillars that can shoot lasers from their mouths to destroy all players. You can also experience the dangers of an oncoming wooly mammoth or an ostrich burning in an intense fire. It would help if you also considered avoiding giant, crazy bots. These factors remind people of the game Megan Man for the first time.

With the increase of many surprises and the difficulty of the game, Mega Man certainly must spend more time overcoming the challenges. Besides, these games also offer more options such as remixing levels with rankings, increasing the lock of campaigns to increase the lock-in Buster Breakdown, challenging you not to shoot, Jump Saver. Challenge you not to jump, and Balloon Rush adds balloons. To overcome all of them, you need to destroy or avoid being fooled by their colors and help Mega Masochists find challenges over time.


Although Mega Man 11 assembles all the key elements to attract players, it won’t be easy to succeed if released in 2008 or 1998. However, in particular, Mega Man 11 is certainly a Good platform for the next 10 Mega Man games.