Fire emblem fates conquest or birthright: The differences and which choice is the best?

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Fire Emblem Fates is an interesting and addictive tactical role-playing game – an entry in the Fire Emblem Franchise. This game is divided into three different versions including Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. Each version revolves around a different storyline and offers its own gameplay. For this reason, lots of gamers wonder what are fire emblem fates differences and which should they buy? Fire Emblem Fates Conquest or Birthright?

If you ask me why I didn’t list Revelation version in the question what should they buy, the reason is that this version is a downloadable content of the game. This means no matter you purchase Conquest or Birthright or both versions, you still can enjoy this special edition. Now, let’s start learning about fire emblem fates differences and which version should we buy.

Fire emblem fates

1. About Fire Emblem Fates

First of all, let’s tell a bit about Fire Emblem Fates and how does it work. This helps you to understand about this game, the difference between three versions, and made the decision of which version to purchase easier. If you have known about this game and how does it work, please skip this section and move to the next one.

Fire Emblem Fates is a great tactical role-playing game that was created by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo SPD in June 2015. This is the 14th game in Fire Emblem series and the second one that is developed for Nintendo 3DS after Fire Emblem Awakening.

The game is an overarching story follows a protagonist – a customizable character that is created by the player. In this game, the war between two factions Kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr is taking place. Both of these factions are birthplace and adopted home of the player, he has to choose one between these two factions to support. In Revelation version, players will rally both sides and fight against the true mastermind behind the war. Although for each version, there are some unique elements, the general gameplay of this game revolves around the tactical movement of units across a grid-based battlefield.

2. How Fire Emblem Fates works

We both know that “Fire Emblem Fates Conquest or Birthright, which should we buy” is a big question of many gamers. However, do you know that no matter which version you purchase Conquest or Birthright, you will also play the same first six chapters? It is the truth! These 6 first chapters are like the opening section of the story. In this section, you will have to face with a choice – either following the side of Kingdom of Nohr that is presided over by a mad king Garon, or following the army of Hoshido, a nation that is protected by samurai-like warriors.

The Birthright version allows you to access the Hoshido campaign, while the Conquest includes the Nohrian side. Besides that, there is another faction called Revelations. This faction is so special in which, you create your own path and try to bring the peace between both other factions.

3. Fire Emblem Fates differences between three versions

Fire Emblem Fates differences between three versions

  • Difficulty

First of all, we can realize the difference between these three versions is their difficulty. In fact, each version of this game has a cast of characters specific to its story and offer a different gameplay.

Birthright version

Birthright is a version for those who are newer players because it is the easiest version in Fire Emblem Fates. It allows players to grind out experience and level up characters through side missions. Besides that, many chapters in this version require very simple objectives such as routing the enemy or defeating the enemy leader. Moreover, players also can earn gold and experience points just by combating other armies via StreetPass and “grind” as long as they want before taking on the next chapter.

Conquest version

Conquest version is more difficult than Birthright. It is suitable for those who have got the previous entries with Fire Emblem. Different from Birthright, chapters in the Conquest version often include more diverse and harder objectives. For example, you might also have to break through well-defended enemy lines or hold an objective against overwhelming odds to complete a certain chapter in this version. Besides that, the rewards in the Conquest version including money and experience will be less than the Birthright. In addition, in this version, Grinding for experience and relationship is also limited severely and players aren’t allowed to challenge scouting on the map. Moreover, even battling armies via StreetPass will not grant money or experience. Players only can gain money and experience point by using the DLC maps. In general, the Conquest version is harder than Birthright so much.

Revelation version

The revelation version has the middle degree of difficulty. It is more difficult than Birthright, but easier than Conquest. In this version, players can forsake both sides to find and establish a new kingdom. Doing so, they will be able to recruit allies from both kingdoms. Besides that, players also can earn money and experience through the unlimited skirmishes between chapters.

  • Units and classes

The second difference between three versions of Fire Emblem Fates is units and classes. Both factions will have their own of units and classes. Although they fulfill similar roles, in some certain areas, one faction will have the advantage over the other.

Birthright version

If you choose this version, you are in the faction of Hoshido. The culture of Hoshido’s nation is heavily influenced by Japan. The units here are very fast, lightly armored can cause damage but very few mounted armored, or beast-like units (except the Pegasus and fox units)

Conquest version

In this version, the culture is influenced by the Roman Empire and previous Fire Emblem titles. You will realize that there are many classes that have seen in the previous iterations. For example, horse-mounted units, heavily armored units, and even wyvern riders.

Revelation version

In this version, at first, you will lack both departments. However, after creating a new kingdom, you will be able to recruit units on both sides of the war. At that time, you can enjoy the mixing and matching of both sides Nohr and Hoshido units.

  • Unavoidable deaths

No matter how valiant your efforts and no matter which version you choose, there are some certain characters will fall in this game. However, for each side you choose, the characters that not even Phoenix Mode will revive them are different. Some characters may be members of the opposing faction while others may be your allies.

Birthright version: Gunter in chapter 3, Flora in chapter 17, Lilith in chapter 24, Xander in chapter 26, Elise in chapter 26, and Azura at the end.

Conquest version: Scarlet in chapter 13, Lilith in chapter 20, Ryoma in chapter 25, Takumi in chapter 23, and Azura at the end.

Revelation version: Scarlet in chapter 18.

4. Which should you buy in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest or Birthright

fire emblem fates conquest or birthright

The answer for the question “which should you buy in Fire Emblem Fates Conquest or Birthright” is all of them. In fact, Fire Emblem Fates is really a great strategy game with addictive gameplay and the well-written storyline. Moreover, this game isn’t a Pokemon-type situation and its two versions offer the different experience. Birthright and Conquest are two very different games. They differ together in both protagonist characters, gameplay scenarios, and philosophies. So, you should purchase both of them.

In case you really have to choose one of them, let’s think about the experience that you want to enjoy. Remember that Birthright is aimed at both new and casual fans of Fire Emblem. If you have never played any tactical role-playing game before and you join this game just because of its characters or want to make ‘em smooch each other, Birthright is the suitable version for you.

Oppositely, if you are a loyal fan of Fire Emblem and want a really tough challenge to train yourself, Conquest version is the best choice for you. Being built from the ground up to be a challenge for all veteran fans of Fire Emblem, this version offers not only tougher enemies but also tends to require a special condition to gain the win. So, being a loyal fan of Fire Emblem, you don’t have to hesitate anything, Conquest is the right choice.

On my personal point of view, although Conquest version might be intended for veterans, overall, it is still the better game no matter what your level of experience. The reason is that in this version, the missions of the game feel more varied and attractive. Although the characters you encounter are a little cooler and harder, you always can use the new Phoenix difficulty mode to resurrect the downed party members. In general, with me, playing Fire Emblem Fates on Conquest version will bring a fuller experience.

Conclusion: Fire Emblem Fates is really an excellent tactical role-playing game to play and enjoy. With the review and analysis about Fire Emblem Fates differences and which version should buy – Fire Emblem Fates Conquest or Birthright, hope that you will easier to make the decision. Thank you for reading! If you have any question, please feel free to leave us a comment below. Surely we will do our best to answer your question.