Breath of The Wild – Find the Keo Ruug Shrine and Beat the Star Trial

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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is an action-adventure game, which was invented and developed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch and Wii.U. This game is voted by publications to become one of the best games of all time. This Breath of The Wild belongs to the series of The Legend of Zelda, it takes place at the final part of Zelda’s timeline, and the players are required to manage Link, who wakes up from the hundred-year dormancy with the aim of preventing Calamity Ganon from destroying the whole kingdom Hyrule. The special thing in this version is that the players are free to explore, discover, and experience the edge-breaking in the acclaimed series, in which they can control the Link character to travel through mighty fields, forests, climb across imposing mountains in order to reach many different destinations in the Hyrule kingdom. During the journey, the players, as well as their characters, will meet and fight against the cruel creatures and monsters, while collecting as many nutrient ingredients in order to help you survive through the adventure. Another important thing to note: the players will need some proper strategies by using suitable weapons and logical methods to defeat the beasts.

Breath of The Wild - Find the Keo Ruug Shrine and Beat the Star Trial

On the other hand, this version Breath of The Wild also offers the players greater than 100 Shrines to take part in. Whenever the players join in a typical shrine, they are forced to solve a plenty of challenging puzzles, which is more complicated rather than what you have imagined before. Some of the puzzles include physics, others may consist of nature like wind, fire, electricity, etc.

In specialty, Keo Ruug Shrine is considered to be the most sophisticated puzzle compared to others. This one is located in Korok Forest, which is underneath the Great Deku Tree and belongs to the Woodland Region. The character Link will expect to overcome the Lost Woods if he wants to find the Great Deku Tree and the Master Sword, and then he will be able to discover the Keo Ruug Shrine. So as to give hints to the players, the game’s system does not only provide the guidance for looking for the Master Sword, but it also introduces the players how to surpass the Keo Ruug Shrines.

  • How to find the Master Sword:

How to find the Master Sword

Firstly, the Great Deku Tree protects the Master Sword. The questionable thing is that the players cannot just seek for this sword and then lift it up immediately. In order to take the Master Sword, the players will need to collect up to 13 permanent heart containers! To gain enough hearts, the players should earn more than 10 of them when beginning the game, which means that the players have to fulfill about 40 shrines. In term of the players walk down the route of Shrines and Divine Monsters, then they are only required to complete 24 shrines and beat 4 Divine Beasts. After gathering 13 heart containers, the players will be able to own the Master Sword.

  • Keo Ruug Shrine walkthrough:

Keo Ruug Shrine walkthrough

After completing the task of taking the Master Sword, then the players will face another challenge which is to jump into the Keo Ruug Shrine lying under the Great Deku Tree. In this shrine, the players will observe a huge number of sphere receptacles in all 4 sides. There is a hint telling that “Look to the stars for guidance”. The key of this part is the constellations. To sum up, the player’s mission is to put the ball in the right holes that indicates how many times each constellation on each column is observed on the large far war constellation map. Additionally, each row of the receptacle is marked by a typical number of torches (1 to 5). It needs to be smart to see that the first constellation comes to the wall 5 times, 4 times for the second, 1 for the third, and 2 for the fourth. Place the ball in each receptacle following by the equivalent amount of torches beside it. Completing this task following the above instruction and the players will be able to unlock the gate which leads to another puzzle: Monk Keo Ruug. That’s the way to pass the Keo Ruug Shrine challenge.